Active Zone

TechnoGym furnishes new strength room at ActiveZone Gym

ActiveZone has come a long way since its inception in 2005 and is well established as one of Malta’s leading gyms. Their latest refurbishing project has increased work-out space in their premises. As a result, gym users can move more freely in this new environment.

An additional room that was previously reserved for classes has been converted to a ‘pure strength area’ with all the new disk-loaded machines installed there. Most of the machines purchased are also new to the public and this makes ActiveZone’s unique and professional reputation truly stand out in the fitness industry in Malta.

TechnoGym was chosen to handle every aspect of the delivery and installation of the new strength machines. Stefano Borg, manager at TechnoGym, said, “The client wanted innovative and sturdy machines, something our brand is well known for since it manufactures some of the most durable machines on the market.”

“We found plenty of obstacles – as one does, when we had started our venture,” said ActiveZone manager and personal trainer Martin Farrugia. “Today, after a lot of hard work and learning from experts, we can say that we have created a business brand in the fitness industry. We will invest more with TechnoGym and Vivendo Group.”

Technogym is part of Vivendo Group, specialising in the design and development of cutting-edge gym equipment for professional and home use. As one of the top wellness brands in the world, Technogym products include high-end gym equipment and gym management software, providing a complete solution that can be customised for both consumers and professional operators.