Vivendo Wellness installs office gym for GIG

A new gym was installed on the premises of Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) – marking the completion of yet another successful installation by Vivendo Wellness. The project was undertaken in collaboration with CVC Architecture, who was responsible for the design of the gym.

The project was an office gym, which means it had to cater to the needs of staff during office hours. Vivendo Wellness analysed the needs of staff and was able to determine that the ideal solution would be to stock the premises with a mix of cardio and strength machines of the client’s choice.

The time slots for staff to train during office hours is limited, which is why Technogym focused on providing machines for high intensity interval training, while also providing options for cardio and free-weights – for variety. “This way, staff don’t need more than an hour for a good workout,” said Stefano Borg, Wellness Solutions Manager. Since the most important requirement was that of functionality – versatility was key to tackling this project.

“The first meeting was with the architect of the project, Ian Critien of CVC Architecture,” Borg said, explaining that Critien was also responsible for managing the machines order on behalf of the client. The main challenge with the project was the delivery, since the gym is located on the highest floor of the building. “We managed to do it with a crane for the sideroad, and placed all the machines on one day, and installed them the following day.”