Gym in private residence

TechnoGym install top-end gym for private residence in Malta

TechnoGym’s latest project did not involve a hotel or a gym, but the private residence of a well-known hotelier in Malta. Being already familiar with the top-flight performance of fitness equipment by TechnoGym at his establishments locally and through his stays at hotels overseas, the client decided it was the logical choice to have the same quality equipment installed in his home, to help him pursue fitness in his daily life.

The planning process involved extensive discussion around the type of equipment that best suited the client’s needs. The client requested specific TechnoGym equipment for his personal fitness needs, including the SKILLMILL™, a popular athletics-inspired machine that is a firm favourite in hotels and fitness clubs, both locally and worldwide thanks to its efficiency at burning calories and providing a complete workout.

The project team measured the space to be converting into a fitness area and subsequently presented the client with various equipment setup options. The installation process commenced soon after the preferred layout and machine models were selected. Our professionals remained sensitive to the client’s various questions and changes throughout the project period, which was to be essential in ensuring that they could achieve exactly what the client envisaged, without running into unnecessary delays.

The project’s completion resulted in a satisfied client, who commented that, “The installation was seamless and caused no inconvenience at all, and the end-result is exactly what I expected from TechnoGym.” He added that, “the equipment is great, well laid out, and a pleasure to use.”

TechnoGym is part of the Vivendo Group portfolio of brands, specialising in the design and development of cutting-edge gym equipment for professional and home use. As a top wellness brand in the world, TechnoGym helps people achieve better physical and mental health in their daily lives through its range of high-end machines and gym management software, providing an all-in-one solution that can be customised for consumers and professional operators.