Inspire Fitness Centre, Marsascala

TechnoGym Refurbishes Gym at Inspire Foundation’s Fitness Centre.

TechnoGym has recently refurbished the gym at Inspire Foundations’ Fitness Centre in Marsascala. The gym is one of the best-equipped and accessible facilities in the south of Malta, and besides being open to the local community, it is also part of Inspire’s Therapy and Leisure Centre, which is used by people with physical conditions and those who have particular therapeutic needs.

The gym has retained the original layout, with strength equipment located on the lower level and cardio machines on the upper level. The refurbishment project included a lengthy planning phase, during which the new fitness equipment was chosen and sent to production. This left only a four-week period after delivery for installation, however Technogym successfully completed the project within this limited timeframe to the client’s satisfaction.

Stefano Borg, manager at TechnoGym, said: “The refurbishment process retained certain aspects of the original facility; several of the machines ordered were similar to the models already in place, however new concepts were also introduced, such as two Double Pulley machines, which afford greater accessibility to people using wheelchairs, and some machines that have been upgraded to the medical version, which is more comfortable for users with mobility problems.”

TechnoGym is part of the Vivendo Group portfolio of brands, specialising in the design and development of cutting-edge gym equipment for professional and home use. As one of the top wellness brands in the world, TechnoGym is committed to helping people achieve better physical and mental health in their daily lives through its range exercise equipment.

TechnoGym products include high-end gym equipment and gym management software, providing an all-in-one solution that can be customised for both consumers and professional operators.