Sunseeker Holiday Complex, St. Paul's Bay

Vivendo Hospitality upgrades guest rooms at Sunseeker Holiday Complex

Vivendo Hospitality was involved in the refurbishment of 56 self-catering units at the Sunseeker Holiday Complex in St Paul’s Bay, where it handled the upgrading of the kitchen areas in these units, including the furnishing of new tables, chairs and sofa beds. 

All the work on this project had to be carried out during shoulder months and be finished in time for the Easter holiday period. Therefore, the management sought suppliers that could plan, coordinate and carry out the entire project within the time frame required and to the highest standard, as well provide good quality items at cost-effective rates. Vivendo Hospitality ticked all the right boxes.

The team, led by hospitality specialist Marthese Aquilina, measured all rooms and made up kitchen plans accordingly. Since the client wanted an off-standard microwave unit and a backsplash installed between cupboards, certain kitchens had to be built with altered units to fit these special requirements. A sample kitchen complete with appliances, table and chairs was constructed, featuring kitchens from Italian manufacturer Aran Cucine, tables and chairs by Rigised, and sofas from the Turkish firm Istikabal. The entire project, including delivery, distribution and installation of all items took less than 10 weeks.

Neville Tonna and Claire Zammit, directors at Sunseeker Holiday complex, said “We have been in operation for a year since the refurbishment project was completed, and can affirm that Vivendo Hospitality has lived up to its promises.”

Vivendo Hospitality is part of the Vivendo Group portfolio of brands, which caters especially to the needs of the hospitality market in Malta. The company taps into the group’s strong capacity and experience of working on hospitality projects, including custom-made projects and outfitting of high-end hotels, to deliver a strategic and complete service to hoteliers and other stakeholders in the hospitality industry.