The George Hotel

Our first introduction to The George Hotel was when we were invited to quote for the supply of its office furniture. However, the scope of our involvement expanded rapidly and we introduced the hotel management to our building façade solutions from Teknofloor.

This Italian company provides high quality exterior building finishes that are spaced from the actual wall your building, providing ventilation and insulation, as well as an aesthetic finish. In addition, cables can be concealed behind the façade, resulting in a neat and smart exterior.

Repairs are simple as the façade is hooked on to an exterior frame, so individual panels can simply be removed and repaired. This also facilitates easy access to any pipes or cables behind them.

The management of The George Hotel were greatly impressed by this unique and elegant solution and this became our first building façade project. Once again we were able to draw upon the operations and logistics resources supplied by the Vivendo Group. In addition, Teknofloor themselves dispatched a team to provide on-site technical advice and training to the installers.

We also furnished the conference rooms here. To offer the maximum in flexibility a rolling sound proof wall was supplied by Arcadia which allowed The George Hotel to partition the conference room in a variety of configurations, giving them maximum flexibility, while also ensuring there was no sound pollination occurring when multiple events were held simultaneously. The sound absorbing qualities of the finish chosen for this wall also gives the room excellent acoustics.

The meeting rooms within the hotel were finished in luxurious leather upholstery that incorporated the hotel’s logo to provide a unique touch. This is another example of the high quality workmanship and attention to detail provided by Quinti, our chosen supplier in this instance.

We further expanded our involvement by also supplying the flooring, hotel lighting, loose furniture and even mattresses and beds. Because the Vivendo Group has such a broad reach we were able to offer a wide array of services to the client, while they maintained a single point of contact to facilitate communication and orders.

In order for everything to be ready for the hotel’s opening we operated on strict deadlines. However, by applying our tried and tested project management techniques, as well as the deployment of specialised technical staff, we were able to keep all elements of this large project on track and co-ordinated.

As a result The George Hotel was open on time and had a distinct look that perfectly befitted its upmarket image.