The Victoria Hotel

Vivendo Hospitality finishes 10-week refurbishment project at The Victoria Hotel

Vivendo Hospitality recently embarked upon a 10-week project to finish the last phase of the refurbishing of the The Victoria Hotel. Located in the heart of Sliema, has always been a specimen of classical elegance. Its directors had ambitions to take this elegance further and cement the hotel’s status as one Malta’s top 4-star hotel for many years to come.

The Hospitality team worked hand in hand with the directors of The Victoria Hotel from start to finish. They started with a survey of all the guest rooms involved, the assembly of a sample room and a visit to the factory in Italy to make sure all was well before production ensued. Vivendo supplied custom room furniture, bathroom and guestroom doors with a wenge finish, as requested by the client in order to maintain the hotel’s classic look.

Despite the process of refurbishing certain parts of the hotel, business had to continue at The Victoria Hotel as usual, without compromising the guests’ comfort. Marthese Aquilina, manager at Vivendo Hospitality, explains, “We had to work in the stipulated hours as the hotel had guests on the other floors.”

“Like any other project, irrespective of the detail delved into the planning stage, there will always be those unforeseen circumstances,” said The Victoria Hotel general manager Kevin Callus. “Vivendo always reacted impressively fast to ensure a quick supply of the needed items and that there was no negative impact on the project progress.” The end-result surpassed Mr Callus’ expectations, who added, “We are very happy to have chosen Vivendo for our refurbishment project. Our guests love it and our guest satisfaction levels have increased. The result is exactly what we had in mind to achieve and most importantly, the project was completed right on time, which was crucial for us.”

Vivendo Hospitality is part of the Vivendo Group portfolio of brands, which caters especially to the needs of the hospitality market in Malta. The company taps into the group’s strong capacity and experience of working on hospitality projects, including custom-made projects and outfitting of high-end hotels, to deliver a strategic and complete service to hoteliers and other stakeholders in the hospitality industry.