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YUE Fitness Club gets new cardio machines

Vivendo Wellness was responsible for another gym project – this time replacing all the cardio machines in the cardio section of the YUE Fitness Club. The entire selection of machines needed to be refreshed, so the club ordered 16 new machines to be installed. The new machines were better, more modern, and more suited to the needs of YUE Fitness Club clients.

The installation process kicked off after the fitness club approached Vivendo with a request to help replace the old cardio machines. Vivendo Fitness responded rapidly with an idea to introduce the SKILL line inside the club in order to give it a more interesting touch – while also providing for those clients interested in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) by introducing SKILLMILL™.

A complete overhaul of the cardio section was no small feat, as 16 machines had to be installed in one day, so as not to keep the club closed and clients waiting. “The main challenge we faced was to install everything in one day,” Stefano Borg, manager of Vivendo Wellness, said. “The facility couldn’t just close the door for the clients – and this made our installation a bit more intense.”

In fact, the project was completely wrapped by 5pm on the day of installation, and all the machines were operational on that same evening, with the clients using them for the first time on the very same day. In every sense of the word, this installation was a success.